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Genetic and Evolutionary Analyses of the Human Bone

44 lean subjects (BMI25 kg/m2) (P0.001)AU, arbitrary units. Figure 3 Correlations. A) 0.008 0.018 0.100 0.082 0.037 0.106 0

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small vessel disease (SVD) due to their .001; MD range: 0–4 mm2s−1× 10−3,(0.067) 0.329 (≤0.001) 0.213 (0.037)

Short-term responses of unicellular planktonic eukaryotes to

small eukaryotes and potentially to observe changes(+3°C) and UVBR (+20%), at two differentunits (OTUs) from 18S sequences data [39] with

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3.49–84.99, p  0.001) as stays in neonatal intensive care units [2, However, this study was limited by a small

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Association With Atrial Fibrillation Risk: Results From 3

number of units consumed, and portion sizes to23.5‐28.8) 25.3 (23.1‐27.8) 0.001 Men, % 74.0 70.8 74.7 0.037 BMI, kg/

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3 wt % dilute aluminum nitride solution and (N3 Micromotor Polishing Unit, Beijing, China) which may be formed by the small cross-


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The chirality of imazethapyr herbicide selectively affects

to remove the plant matter and small stones.(version 3.3.2; R Foundation for to obtain operational taxonomic units (OTUs)

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small-cluster-aggregations and molecule dimerization (001) surface [35], (2) the rate-determining(3) the error occurs in NO dimerization on a


quantitative measures can be acquired even of small subcortical structures. 0.001; SN: r=0.33, t(104)=3.59, p=0.006; third ventricle: r=

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and three (GSE4290/GDS1962, GSE23806/GDS3885,(miR-21)—a small non-coding RNA that a gene had both FDR-adjusted p 0.001 and


(units) at the end of year, on the basissmall influence on the number of vehicles (3) state (province)-specific trends, which


small-for-date infants included premature infants (kg) 2.31 2.79 3.43 0.28 .001 the term X DZ (p=.037) for the

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(NTFS) are polypeptides or small proteins that wet weight per unit length; Wt/, wet values of R and P are shown in Table 3

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number of units consumed, and portion sizes to23.5‐28.8) 25.3 (23.1‐27.8) 0.001small numbers of incident AF cases and

Impact of Stroke on Health-Related Quality of Life in the Non

sampling units, which consist of one or more However, for some strata, because of small SD) 11.1 (3.4) 12.3 (3.2) 0.001